Tinto Cao

Tinto Cão is one of the five “noble grape” that are used in Port wine production, due to its ability to produce high-quality wines.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Tinto Cão is a black-skinned grape variety that is considered to be one of the five "noble grapes" used in the production of Port wine, Such popularity is due to its ability to yield high-quality wines with intense and rich flavors.

Fresh Tinto Cao grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Tinto Cão is mainly grown in the Douro Valley, Portugal.It is well-suited to the warm climate and soils of the region. Tinto Cão has low yield, and produces small thick skin berries, which enable the grapes to be botrytis bunch rot resistant. It is not widely planted because of its low yield, but more and more winemakers began to appreciated variety in recent years. The wines made from Tinto Cão have a full body and strong character and have the ability to age well, making them highly sought after. In the Douro region, Tinto Cão is used to produce full-bodied red wines with a high alcohol content. In the Dão region, Tinto Cão can produce both great and poor wines, mainly because it is not easy to ripen in all parts of the region. However, when it reaches full maturity, it produces deeply colored, aromatic, and full-bodied wines with great potential for longevity, elegance, and length. Tinto Cão has also been planted in California, Australia, and other regions, where it is used in port-style wines and blended table wines. Tinto Cão is a great food pairing wine. It pairs well with red meats such as steak, as well as game meats and intensely flavoured dishes. It can also be enjoyed with hard cheeses such as Manchego.

Foods to pair with Tinto Cao:

Light meat
Fun Fact about Tinto Cao
The name Tinto Cão means "wine dog". Romers has it that people gave it the name because of its "biting" high acidity and tannin.

Top Wines with Tinto Cao

Bottle of Niepoort Douro Redoma Tinto from search results

Niepoort Douro Redoma Tinto


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Niepoort Douro Redoma Tinto is a premium red wine produced by the renowned Portuguese winemaker, Niepoort. The wine is made from grapes grown in the Douro appellation, which is known for its rugged terrain and diverse microclimates. The vineyards are situated on steep slopes, with schist soils that impart a unique minerality to the wine. The winemaking process involves traditional techniques, including foot treading and aging in oak barrels, resulting in a complex and elegant wine. The style of the wine is characterized by its rich fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and firm tannins, making it a perfect match for hearty meat dishes and aged cheeses.
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Food Pairing:
grilled vegetables
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Bottle of Maynard's 30 Years Old Aged Tawny Porto from search results

Maynard's 30 Years Old Aged Tawny Porto


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Maynard's, with a longstanding reputation for crafting exceptional Port wines, presents its 30 Years Old Aged Tawny Porto. This exquisite Port is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the winemakers. Every sip narrates a story of time, aging gracefully in seasoned oak casks under the watchful eyes of experienced cellarmasters. Over the years, the wine has developed its unique character, a delightful amalgamation of the natural flavors of the grapes and the nuances imparted by the wood.
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Food Pairing:
chocolate desserts
fruit-based desserts
blue cheese
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