Privacy Policy

By accessing or using VinoVoss services or associated content, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and agree to the provisions stated herein. This Privacy Policy describes the use and collection of User data by VinoVoss and its affiliates. This Privacy Policy applies to all access and use of VinoVoss services and associated content, and the services and associated content of VinoVoss affiliates.


The content of the Privacy Policy is subject to change by VinoVoss at any time without notification. It is the responsibility of the User to regularly check the Privacy Policy for updates. The date of the most recent update will be displayed at the top of this page. Continued use of VinoVoss services implies agreement to any and all updates in the Privacy Policy .

Data Collection

VinoVoss collects data from unregistered and registered Users through the use of cookies. Collected cookie data includes but is not limited to, location, internet protocol (IP) address, browser plug-in types and version, device identifiers, operating system and platform, and other technologies and devices used to access VinoVoss services. Additional activity of registered Users is collected through account usage, including but not limited to, searches, lists, reviews, and ratings. For the purposes of payment processing, personal identifiers, including telephone and billing address, and bank information may be retained as necessary. By accessing or using VinoVoss services and associated content, you consent to collection of your data as described herein, and grant VinoVoss an irrevocable license to that data as described in the Terms of Use.


Registered User data is collected and stored in connection to a specific User account to create a personalized User profile to enhance search results, recommendations, offers, and promotions tailored to specific User preferences and activity. Anonymized registered and unregistered User data is collected and compiled from all Users to create anonymized aggregate reports ("Abstract Data"), such as lists of top search queries and popular products, and user behavior meta analysis. These abstract reports may be shared or sold to third parties. Abstract Data meta analysis is used to monitor and evaluate usage of VinoVoss and improve VinoVoss services to align with overall User behavior. By using VinoVoss services, you acknowledge and accept that VinoVoss retains exclusive ownership of all rights, including intellectual property rights, of Abstract Data. Any rights over Abstract Data not specifically granted in this Privacy Policy are nevertheless reserved by VinoVoss.

Sharing of Data

All User data shared with third parties shall be anonymized and compiled as Abstract Data as described above. Shared data shall not include personal identifiers, except where obligated by law and law enforcement. All reviews and ratings submitted by Users to VinoVoss are publicly available as content on VinoVoss. By submitting reviews and ratings to VinoVoss, you acknowledge that license to such data is irrevocably granted to VinoVoss and may be used for any purposes, public or internal. By accessing or using VinoVoss services and associated content, you acknowledge and accept that collected Abstract Data is irrevocable property of VinoVoss and VinoVoss affiliates.

Data Retention and Deletion

Personally identifying data is stored with VinoVoss as long as a registered account is active. Upon account termination, all personal identifying User data will be permanently deleted from VinoVoss, except as required by law in the case of gross legal breach of Terms of Service. Upon account termination, all anonymized Abstract Data will remain with VinoVoss, and will be irrevocably severed from personal identifying User data. Termination of account is permanent and irreversible and will result in total loss of access to data by User.

Rights as a User

Registered Users have the right to access all data collected by VinoVoss about their registered account. An administrative fee may be charged to provide copies of such data, as deemed appropriate, in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the state of Delaware. Requests for account data must be made in writing to VinoVoss.


Registered User accounts and associated personal data are protected by login credentials and password. It is the sole responsibility of User to ensure these credentials are kept private and secure. If login credentials and password are through a connected third party account, it is the sole responsibility of User to ensure the connected third party account is kept private and secure in accordance with the terms and policies of that third party. VinoVoss and its affiliates endeavor to protect the privacy and security of all User data. You acknowledge that there may be instances of hardware or software failure, unauthorized breach of entry, or other factors, that may compromise the security of User data, which are beyond the control of VinoVoss or its affiliates, and you agree to hold VinoVoss and its affiliates free of harm and liability for such compromises.

Children’s Privacy

VinoVoss services and associated content are intended strictly for adults of legal drinking age, without restriction, in the jurisdiction in which they reside. If VinoVoss reasonably suspects a User is under legal drinking age, all data associated with that User will be deleted and the User account terminated.