Content Policy

VinoVoss Users have the option to contribute public reviews and ratings to the VinoVoss platform. Such content contributions are to follow the Content Policy as outlined below. By posting content to VinoVoss, you acknowledge you have read and agree to follow the Content Policy.


The Content Policy is subject to change by VinoVoss at any time without notification. It is the responsibility of the User to regularly check the Content Policy for updates. The date of the most recent update will be displayed at the top of this page. Continued use of VinoVoss services implies agreement to any and all updates in the Content Policy .

Inappropriate Content

Reviews are to be relevant to the product reviewed, and written and posted in good faith. You agree to post public reviews only for those products with which you have personal experience. Under no circumstances is any User content or communication to include hate speech, harassment, threats, rude or obscene words or allusions, violence, or other language deemed as inappropriate by and at the sole discretion of VinoVoss. Users are strictly forbidden from publicly sharing private identifying information of themselves or others.

Promotional Content

Users are to post no content referencing, promoting, or disparaging of products, services, brands, companies, retailers, outlets, platforms, or individuals, with the exception of good faith reviews of products listed on VinoVoss. Unauthorized advertising in any capacity is strictly forbidden. Posted content must be relevant, understandable, and free from undue repetition and spam.

Conflicts of Interest

Users with an affiliation to any product or associated brand, supplier, importer, distributor, or producer of a product listed on VinoVoss are strictly forbidden from contributing reviews or ratings for those products, and are strictly forbidden from disparaging competitor products listed on VinoVoss.

Intellectual Property

All User reviews are to be the sole creation of User and free from copyright. Reproducing content from other sources, entities, outlets, repositories, or platforms is strictly forbidden. By contributing content to VinoVoss, you irrevocably grant license to VinoVoss to use such content as set forth in the Terms of Use.