Acitana is rare a black grape variety used a lot in blends in Sicilly, Italy Acitana is mainly grown in Messina and Catania in north-east of Sicilly, Italy, where it is mainly used in blends with Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Capuccio and other local varieties.

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Fun Fact about Acitana
It is common for grape varieties in the North East of Catania in Sicilly with names begin with 'Aci', such as Aci Bonaccorsi, Aci Catena, Aci Platani, Aci San Filippo etc.

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Palari Rosso del Soprano


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Palari Rosso del Soprano is a highly sought-after wine that showcases the excellence of Sicilian winemaking. Produced in the Soprano appellation, this wine is crafted from grapes grown in a unique vineyard with exceptional features. The vineyard benefits from a combination of volcanic soil, ample sunlight, and cooling sea breezes, resulting in grapes with intense flavors and vibrant acidity. The winemaking process involves meticulous attention to detail, including hand-harvesting and careful selection of the finest grapes. The resulting wine is a true expression of the terroir, with a rich and complex character, balanced tannins, and a long, elegant finish. Palari Rosso del Soprano is a must-try for wine enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and memorable Sicilian wine experience.
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roast beef
roasted vegetables
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