Donating to charity during the Christmas season is a tradition for many. For wine lovers, there's a unique way to contribute. Although directly donating bottles of wine is often off the table due to regulations, wineries have found creative ways to give back. They commonly offer vouchers, gift cards, or make direct contributions to both local and international causes.

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Wineries are increasingly aware of their role in larger societal issues. Some of the key considerations include climate change, aiding children in need, and even participating in ocean cleanup initiatives. Winery approach to charity varies. Some companies offer direct donation services for businesses, while others pledge a portion of proceeds from each bottle sold

Those methods allow wine enthusiasts to contribute to meaningful initiatives while enjoying their favorite wines.

Here are some VinoVoss picks of wineries contributing with every sold bottle:

Foley Family Wineries

Vintner Bill Foley, along with his wife Carol, spearheads numerous philanthropic efforts through the Foley Family Charitable Foundation. This foundation serves as a central channel for the charitable activities of their various businesses, including Foley Family Wines and their notable Sonoma wine properties like Ferrari-Carano, Chalk Hill, and Sebastiani.

Established in 1999, the foundation primarily focuses on supporting youth and career development, health, arts, and sustainability in the communities where their employees reside and work.

In Sonoma County, they back organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma-Marin and Redwood Empire Food Bank. On a national scale, Bill Foley established the Folded Flag Foundation in 2014, providing educational scholarships to families of fallen U.S. military and government personnel.

Additionally, Foley contributes significantly through the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation, associated with the 2023 NHL Stanley Cup Champions, underscoring their commitment to both local and national causes.


Head High Wines

Bill Price III, the founder of Head High Wines and proprietor of Price Family Vineyards & Estates, launched Head High in 2009 as a climate-conscious wine brand. Inspired by his upbringing in Hawaii and a passion for ocean conservation, Price created the first Climate-Neutral/Ocean-Positive wine brand, focusing on offsetting the winery's carbon footprint by rebuilding kelp forests, watersheds, and mangroves globally.

Head High annually supports environmental and social causes through SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf, a nonprofit aimed at reversing climate change by regenerating blue carbon coastal ecosystems.

 In 2023, the brand also began supporting the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund, underscoring its dedication to environmental sustainability and community welfare.


Jackson Family Wines

Jackson Family Wines, Sonoma County's largest wine sector employer, is renowned for its extensive charitable contributions. Owning several wineries including Kendall-Jackson and La Crema, the company supports over 200 nonprofit organizations annually with community service, financial backing, and donations. Employees alone dedicate over 6,000 hours each year to local community service.

Key local nonprofits supported by Jackson Family Wines include Redwood Empire Food Bank, Farm to Pantry, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma-Marin. The company has also launched innovative philanthropic initiatives. One such program is Murphy-Goode Winery’s “A Really Goode Cause”, which awards three nonprofits nationwide with a $25,000 donation each.

Another notable endeavor is an emergency fund created in partnership with United Way. Kendall-Jackson, a winery under the Jackson Family Wines umbrella, is committed to raising $2 million by 2030 for the Grocery Worker’s Appreciation Fund. This fund, launched with annual fall awareness campaigns, is designed to support essential workers, offering emergency assistance primarily through cash cards and connecting workers with vital social services through United Way’s 211 network.



Supporting charitable causes through the purchase of wine offers a simple yet impactful way to contribute to the greater good. While directly donating to wineries or specific causes can sometimes be complicated, choosing to buy from wineries that are committed to philanthropy ensures that your love for fine wine also serves a noble purpose.

This approach can even be a meaningful 2024 New Year's resolution: to predominantly enjoy wines that have a direct impact on community welfare or environmental health. In doing so, each bottle you savor becomes a small yet significant gesture towards supporting important causes.

Peter Douglas

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