The last warm days of summer invite to light wines (Photo: AIGen/

Ah, that tantalizing, bittersweet moment — the sun dipping low on the horizon, painting the sky in hues of peach and rose. Feel it? That’s the curtain call of summer, dear VinoVossers. Those last warm days are akin to a favorite song on the bluetooth speaker: you never want them to end, but you know they must. Nostalgia tickles your senses as you soak up those final, golden sunrays.

It’s that time of change when the trees start gossiping, and their leaves chattering in shades of orange and red. Fall sneaks in, stealing the green but leaving a rustic quilt of color behind. It’s adieu to barefoot days and saltwater waves while welcoming mugs of hot cider and crunchy walks through fallen leaves. And let me tell you, if there was ever a way to bottle up this sentimental shift from one season to the next, it’s through wine — oh yes, the nectar of the Gods!

So why call them the last summer wines? Because these bottles are like a playlist of your best summer hits, yet they have that cool, easygoing vibe that you’ll be craving as autumn leaves begin to fall. They’re the songs you hum as you swap out your sandals for boots, the soundtrack to your seasonal transition. With each sip, it’s a harmonious flashback to beach days and barbecues, even as you welcome the comforting aroma of fall foliage. The wine geniuses at VinoVoss understand this seasonal melody, and they’ve curated a playlist of wines that practically hum your life’s transitional soundtrack.

At VinoVoss, we are crazy for summer wines. (Photo: Ralf/

Light Reds that Swing Both Ways


Imagine strawberries dancing the tango with autumn spices. This red is lively but smooth, just like that final summer soiree that seamlessly transitions into a breezy evening.

Château des Tours Brouilly

Nerello Mascalese:

Sipping this is like a natural barefoot dance on smoky volcanic soil. It’s light but carries a mysterious depth — think late-summer nights under the glow of a harvest moon.

Eduardo Torres Acosta Versante Nord Nerello Mascalese

Cabernet Franc:

Consider this your go-to for sweater weather. It boosts the herbal notes that will make you dreaming of Thanksgiving but remains approachable for an afternoon in the hammock. With notes of bell pepper and forest floor, it invites you to a walk in the woods.

Complices de Loire Les Caveries Single Vineyard Chinon

Rosés that Won’t Quit


Ah, the Audrey Hepburn of rosé — timeless, elegant, and enjoyable equally at home, at a beach picnic or a fall harvest party.

Château Roubine Côtes de Provence Rosé (Cru Classé)

Grenache Noir Rosé:

This is the thinking person’s rosé, a little complex but oh-so-refreshing. It features summer’s ripe berries but brings a whisper of autumnal spice.

Notorious Pink Grenache Rosé

White Wines with a Split Personality


Ever wish you could bottle up an Indian summer day? Sip on this! It’s sunshine with just a drizzle of rain of fall.

Weingut Nik Weis — St. Urbans-Hof Nik Weis Selection Urban Riesling


Floral like grandma’s perfume but zesty like a summer citrus cocktail, it’s the ultimate wine for porch-to-fireplace days.

New Age Sweet White

The Bubbly Finale


Because the transitions of life deserve to be celebrated, not just acknowledged. Pop the cork and let those effervescent bubbles tickle your senses, just like summer’s final caress before the cozy hug of fall.

Pommery Brut Apanage Champagne

Ready to bid a delicious farewell to summer and welcoming the rustic hues of fall with open arms? It’s not just a toast; it’s a full-blown celebration of that precious moments when summer waves goodbye and fall waltzes in. Join us on to celebrate the last of the summer wines! 🥂

by Peter Douglas

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