As the Super Bowl approaches, enthusiasts nationwide are gearing up for the most anticipated sporting event of the year. Beyond the adrenaline-pumping game and extravagant halftime show, Super Bowl Sunday has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, celebrated with friends, family, and, of course, delicious food and drinks.

Sports fan or not, it's an opportunity to cheer, shout, share the excitement, and revel in the party atmosphere.

Although sports events are traditionally associated with beers, wine offers more interesting options that pair exceptionally well with Super Bowl finger foods and snacks. Whether you love football or just watch for the ads, our wine guide guarantees a great taste experience.

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What to Drink on Super Bowl Sunday?

For Casual Sip


No party is complete without bubbles. On Super Bowl day, instead of expensive Champagne, Prosecco is a great and affordable option. This Italian sparkling wine is renowned for its light, crisp, and refreshing nature, making it an ideal choice for casual sipping.

The subtle sweetness and lively bubbles it brings add a festive touch to the atmosphere, setting the tone for a joyous Super Bowl gathering. With notes of green apple, orchard fruits, citrus, and floral undertones, Prosecco is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, providing a delightful start to enjoying the game.


Pet Nat

For those seeking a trendy and more natural option, Pet Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is the way to go. This sparkling wine is crafted using the ancestral method, in which the winemaker bottles the wine while it is still not fully fermented. The wine continues to ferment in the bottle, resulting in a slightly cloudy appearance and a gentle, rustic effervescence. Pet Nat is typically fruity and easy-drinking, it is the perfect party wine to share among friends.

With its funky, unfiltered character, Pet Nat brings a sense of artisanal craftsmanship to your Super Bowl celebration. Due to the bottle fermentation with native yeast, Pet Nat usually possesses more body and interesting flavors, making it an excellent choice for pairing with a variety of snacks, from chips to charcuterie.


Bag in Box or Canned Wine

Keep it hassle-free with the convenience of Bag in Box or canned wine. These portable options are perfect for sports events like the Super Bowl, especially when someone gets too excited and might accidentally break the bottle or glass. Don't let the packaging fool you—many quality wines are now available in these formats. Embrace the ease without compromising on taste, whether you're enjoying a juicy red, a crisp white, or a refreshing rosé.


To Pair with Super Bowl Snacks and Finger Food


Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying the game with a generous portion of nachos. The dynamic flavors of tortilla chips topped with cheese, salsa, ground meat, sour cream, jalapeños, or homemade guacamole elevate the mood and create an unforgettable experience.

To complement the spicy and flavorful nachos, consider pairing them with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. This vibrant white wine is characterized by zesty acidity and tropical fruit and herbal notes, effectively cutting through the richness of melted cheese or avocado while complementing the spiciness of jalapeños and herbs.


Aside from Sauvignon Blanc, a dry Gewürztraminer or a dry Muscat can be another great choice for this well-liked Mexican dish. The aromatic profile of Gewürztraminer and Muscat introduces floral, exotic fruit, and spicy notes that harmonize beautifully with the bold flavors of spicy Mexican cuisine, enriched with a variety of herbs and complex flavors.

Chicken Wings or Fried Chicken

Fried chicken or chicken wings is another essential for a sports party. The crispy crust and tender chicken are a perfect match, regardless of the sauce. Pair your fried chicken with a white wine featuring crisp acidity, such as Riesling or Albariño. The high acidity cuts through the oily, deep-fried texture, and both the fruity aromatic character of Riesling and Albariño, a Spanish white wine, offer a delightful combination of citrus and stone fruit flavors that enhance the savory goodness of crispy chicken.


If you opt for spicy wings, consider an off-dry Riesling or Chenin Blanc. These wines provide a refreshing counterpoint to the bold and savory notes of these game day classics.


No Super Bowl party is complete without pizza. Pair this beloved comfort food with the classic Italian red, Chianti. Chianti goes well with tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings because of its medium body, bright acidity, and cherry flavors.

Pizza doesn't always have to go hand-in-hand with Italian wines. A juicy Beaujolais Villages, or for an upgrade, a Beaujolais Cru, can be another excellent option. The fruity and approachable nature makes it an all-purpose wine for the pizza party, offering versatility that suits Margheritas, Pepperoni, or even an authentic Chicago deep dish.



Chianti is the go-to pairing for pizza (Photo: The Nix Company,

Pulled Pork

For meat lovers, pulled pork stands out as another crowd-pleasing party dish. Simply served with some bread or hamburger buns, it can be a satisfying casual meal for Super Bowl night. Rich, smoky, and savory, pulled pork demands a wine that can match its intensity.

A rich Merlot with a silky texture proves to be the perfect choice. Merlot's velvety texture and ripe fruit flavors provide a lush backdrop to the succulence of pulled pork. Grenache, with its bold and fruity profile, complements the smokiness of the dish.

And let's not forget Tempranillo, the king of Spanish red grapes. A young Rioja or Ribera del Duero without strong oak taste pairs well with pulled pork. Tempranillo has red and dark fruit flavors. The subtle earthiness and oak notes stand up to the complexity of pulled pork, creating a match made in Super Bowl heaven.


This Super Bowl Sunday, make your wine selections as thrilling as the game itself. This wine guide will help you find the perfect wine to enjoy with your Super Bowl snacks. It ensures that every moment of the big day is accompanied by the ideal pour.

So, gather your friends, make your favorite game-day snacks, and toast to a memorable Super Bowl Sunday.


Sylvia Ba

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