The highly anticipated MAMA Awards 2023 are ready to begin today in Japan at the Tokyo Dome.

The two-day event, which will be attended by a star-studded lineup, will be hosted by rapper Jeon So Mi on Tuesday, November 28th, and actor/singer Park Bo Gum on Wednesday, November 29th.

In the list of nominees, TXT (Tomorrow X Together) and BTS' Jimin are the frontrunners, with eight nods each. Jimin's bandmates V and Jungkook are also nominated. As for the nominations for Best Female Artist, the members of BLACKPINK—Jisoo, Jihyo, Choi Ye Na, and Lee Chae Yeona are nominated.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to try some Japanese indigenous grape varieties while watching the show?

A Guide to Two Japanese Indigenous Grape Varieties

As the world of viticulture expands, wine enthusiasts and astute connoisseurs both turn their discerning palates East. Japanese wines quickly gained international acclaim. Their unique profile was borne from a fusion of traditional methods and innovative techniques. Let’s look at the growing demand for Japanese wines with VinoVoss.

Koshu: The Delicate Trailblazer 

At the heart of Japan's wine scene lies the Koshu grape. This Silk Road ancestor is at the center of Japan's wine scene.

Koshu grape profile:

  • Distinctive rose-colored thick-skin berries
  • With high energizing acidity, and low sugar level.
  • Delicate aromas such as orange blossom, lemon, white peach and a whisper of minerality
  • Koshu pairs beautifully with sushi and sashimi

Grace Winery Toriibira Vineyard Koshu

Grace Winery Toriibira Vineyard Koshu is a prime specimen from the slopes of Mount Fuji, offering a tantalizing bouquet and the perfect balance.

Muscat Bailey A: The Red Revolution

While white wines like Koshu flourish, Muscat Bailey A is at the forefront of Japan's red wine renaissance. Muscat Bailey A is a hybrid with a complicated genetic background. It was created by crossing Muscat of Hamburg with Bailey, but little was known about its ancestors.

Muscat Bailey A grape profile:

  • Deep pink-skinned berries
  • Disease-resistant variety that can withstand Japan’s freezing conditions
  • Produces light-bodied red wines with lush berry notes and a velvety texture
  • Notable for its approachable soft tannic and red fruit-forward palate
  • Pairs well with sashimi, steam fish and salads

Chateau Mercian Hosaka Muscat Bailey A

Chateau Mercian Hosaka Muscat Bailey A is definitely a crowd-pleaser. It harmonizes wild strawberry flavors with a touch of oak, creating an unforgettable sipping experience.

At VinoVoss, we are passionate about discovering and bringing to light the Japanese indigenous grape varieties. You are not just drinking a beverage when you explore the world of Koshu or Muscat Bailey A. You are also embarking on a cultural journey that promises to grow in popularity and global recognition.Visit VinoVoss, pick a bottle before watching the MAMA Awards 2023. Allow your senses to embark on an incredible adventure east.

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