VinoVoss is a new company, and as we get to know each other, we like to make new traditions we can look forward to each year! The VinoVoss Wine Team has selected to share with you some of their personal favorite wines. Take this opportunity to get to know some of the people behind VinoVoss! We hope you will enjoy these wines as much as we had!

You can find the complete VinoVoss Christmas Top Wine Selections here.

The VinoVoss team at the cellar of Château Pichon Baron - Second Grand Cru Classé in 1855 (Photo: VinoVoss)


As my fellow VinoVossers will tell you, I’m an oddity. I grew up with Christmas being a summer event and now live where it is a winter event. So, my wine suggestions are a mix. Christmas is spent with people as much as it is spent around a table. Good wine is obvious, you know it when you taste it. These are all wines that I’ve drunk at some point in the past year, and have spent the rest of the year thinking about drinking them again. These are wines that I’d like to share with all fellow VinoVossers. Merry Christmas.





In Greece the holidays are synonymous with large, extended meals. The family gathers and spends a lot of time around the table. That also means a lot of wine is consumed! The versatility of the foods, with a lot of different dishes served at the same time, calls for wines that are flexible with food pairings. The same wine must fit the fresh, tangy tzatziki and the rich, fatty lamb! My wine selections include some versatile wines that I always enjoy, which are produced by some amazing people. Enjoy!





For me, Christmas is a time for vacation and spending time with family. At my family, we enjoy a variety of wines without always matching them perfectly with food. We always have a mix of everything. We start with sparkling wine or Champagne, then move on to the still wines. My family isn't very geeky about it, so we have a mix of value and amazing wines. Here is our lineup.






Growing up without a Christmas culture and having lived on my own for many years, I am sometimes cynical about holidays. For some, the holiday is not always about reunion or being surrounded by friends and family. I spend my Christmas differently each year—sometimes alone at home, cooking a warm meal, and lighting up some candles. Other times, I gather with friends or travel around to experience Christmas in different parts of the world. As I spent my 2023 in Italy, my wine selection was mostly Italian, with wines I enjoy drinking by myself and sharing with those I love.





My friends and family would tell you that I am a bit of a freak, as I am always operating at high speed throughout the year. My restless spirit and curiosity to explore new things and push my own personal boundaries, both physically and mentally, are my sources of energy and inspiration. Nevertheless, as Christmas approaches, it is the time of year when we all calm down and reflect on what is truly important in life: family.

I have chosen these wines for you because, to me, wine is not just a beverage with alcohol; it is a personal story that I often have a connection with. It makes me want to share these experiences with those I love the most and those who are most precious to me. It's about quality, of course, but I give higher value to what is behind the label. Trust me, there is much more to wine than just being a beverage that gives you a buzz. Merry Christmas to you!




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