Understanding Wine Terminology

Wine tasting can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you're bombarded with unfamiliar terms that seem to be in a different language altogether. Don't let wine jargon intimidate you! With a little understanding, you can confidently navigate the world of wine and enhance your tasting experience. Here at www.vinovoss.com, we want to make wine tasting accessible and enjoyable for all. Let's demystify some common wine terms.

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Wine Body

When wine experts refer to the 'body' of a wine, they're talking about the weight and fullness of the wine in your mouth. Think of it like comparing skim milk, whole milk, and cream. Light-bodied wines, such as Pinot Grigio, feel similar to drinking water. Medium-bodied wines have a more substantial feel, think of a Sauvignon Blanc. Full-bodied wines, like a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, have a heaviness similar to drinking milk.


Ever taken a sip of wine and felt your mouth dry up? That's the work of tannins. Tannins are naturally occurring compounds found in the skins, seeds, and stems of grapes. They add complexity, balance, and structure to the wine. Tannins can be described as 'soft', 'firm', 'chewy' or 'rough', depending on how they make your mouth feel. A wine with high tannins might be described as 'astringent'. Wines with high tannin content include Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo.


The 'finish' of a wine refers to the aftertaste that lingers after you’ve swallowed. It's an essential indicator of the wine's quality. A wine with a 'long finish' leaves its flavors lingering on your palate for a long time, which is generally a sign of a high-quality wine. On the other hand, a 'short finish' means the taste disappears quickly.

Wine Jargon at VinoVoss

Understanding wine terminology doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a bit of practice, you'll be using these terms like a pro. So the next time you're wine tasting, remember these key factors: the body of the wine, the tannins, and the finish. Wine tasting is a journey of discovery, and knowing the jargon is your passport to a world of flavors and experiences.

At VinoVoss, you can use these terms to find wines that taste exactly as you want!

Cheers from the VinoVoss team!

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