It's cold, wet, dark, and rainy outside. The 2024 winter has turned out colder than expected. You're waiting for the snow, sitting under your big fleece blanket, all cuddled up. Someone has to get up from the couch, brave the cold kitchen, and pop that cork!

But what to drink? A light white wine might not seem fitting, and a traditional heavy red with high alcohol might get you buzzing. Here are our favorite winter wines.

Enjoy a cosy winter night with a glass of wine (Photo: Alexandra Torro,

The Winter White Wines

When seeking a white wine for winter, consider a fuller-bodied option. It doesn’t have to be the most special bottle or the most extreme natural wine. You can always go back to the comfort of the classic favorite white wines.

Leave Sauvignon Blanc for the summer. The Rombauer Chardonnay is a textbook Chardonnay example. Originating from selected vineyards in Los Carneros, Northern California, its grapes benefit from the cool slopes and chilly winds. This wine offers a buttery, silky texture - perfect for enjoying alone or paired with fried chicken and fish.


However, if you're seeking a similar style without the high price tag, the vineyards of Burgundy offer a great alternative. Their wines may be a little less multi-layered and lighter in intensity, but the medium body and high acid make them irresistible.


And if you want to go off the beaten path, why not try a Grenache Blanc or Viognier? What's not to love about the stone fruit, floral aromas and notes of peach they offer on the nose? The rich texture and elevated alcohol of these white grapes make them ideal for those who want to drink white wine in the winter.

These grapes are typically found in the Southern and Northern Rhône in France. However, they have found a second home in the United States. Paso Robles Champions these white Rhone varietals, and produces some of the most exciting white wines of the country.


Winter Bubbles

Looking for bubbles post-New Year's Eve and Christmas? It doesn't always have to be Champagne. Consider an American all-star from a Champagne producer, whose roots can be traced back to GH Mumm in France.

Established in California in the late 1970s, Mumm Napa employs traditional winemaking techniques. It honours its French heritage to create the finest, hand-crafted sparkling wines. Their American counterpart comes at a fraction of the price but maintains the same unbeatable quality.


Classic Claret

Apart from Cognac, one of the most classic fireplace red wines is a “Claret”, commonly known as Bordeaux. The region offers a range of styles and qualities, famous for its big brands and high-end wines, but also offering great bargains.

One of Bordeaux's best advantages are back vintages. The wineries, often centuries old, keep a small percentage of their wines in the cellar each year. This allows them to offer old wines directly from the Château, stored in optimal conditions.

These older wines are less fruity and offer more savory aromatics with softened tannins. The bouquet often offers notes of graphite and tobacco, sometimes with balsamic hints. Sometimes, the best experiences don’t require waiting.


Discover more in our Bordeaux Vintage Guide

As the winter chill sets in, it's the perfect time to delve into the full-bodied, buttery depths of a Chardonnay, the spirited bubbles of a festive sparkling wine, or the robust elegance of a classic Bordeaux.

Each bottle offers a unique story. A true blend of tradition and taste that transforms a cold evening into a warm, memorable experience.

And if your palate is curious for more, explore Vinovoss, where a world of winter wine wonders awaits.  Embrace the cold weather of this time of the year with the perfect wine for you! Let each glass be a journey, a discovery of flavors that turn winter nights into a celebration.

Cheers to the cosy magic of winter wines at Vinovoss!

Peter Douglas

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