Are you a self-proclaimed wine lover, or someone looking to understand the art of sipping the perfect glass of Pinot Noir? Look no further! Armed with the 5 tips below, you will be navigating your way through the wine aisle like a pro, picking out the best Pinot Noir to suit your elegant palate.

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1. Understand Your Palate

The first step to picking the perfect bottle of Pinot Noir is understanding your taste preference. Do you enjoy wines that are fruit-forward or full-bodied and texture-driven? Pinot Noir can range from a fruity style with notes of cherry, strawberry and plum to a weightier style with savory undertones and a hint of mushroom and forest floor. Take a minute to analyze your flavor preference and look for a Pinot Noir that reflects your palate.

(Credit: drawing by Krystal Wen)

2. Decipher the Regions

The region a Pinot Noir hails from can heavily influence its flavor-profile. Let’s look at three famous Pinot Noir regions.

Burgundy, France:

  • Known for its high-quality Pinot Noirs that lean towards the savory spectrum with balanced acidity. They are usually more complex and capable of aging very well.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

  • American Pinot Noirs are often fruitier than their French counterparts. Wines from Willamette Valley showcase elegant fruit flavors balanced with zingy acidity.

Central Otago, New Zealand

  • Pinot Noirs from Central Otago typically feature a fruitful core with a framework of structured tannins and high acidity.

3. Vintage Matters

The vintage is not just a number on the bottle. It could be a useful indicator for the wine’s flavor character. Years with optimal weather conditions produce a more quality harvest which flows on to the wine. This is particularly important when choosing wines from the Old World, such as Burgundy. An excellent way to check is to refer to vintage charts. Here is a brief summary of the 3 regions mentioned above.

4. Dive Deep into the Winemaking Technique

Every bottle of Pinot Noir is a reflection of the skilled craftsmanship of the winemaker. The use of oak is an important component of the winemaker’s vision for the wine. The new oak aging can add flavors of vanilla, clove, or toast, whereas old oak barrels or stainless steel tanks retain more of the grape’s intrinsic fruity flavors. Knowing how much oak flavor you prefer can guide your decision on the wine.

5. Price does not always define quality

Many believe that the higher the price, the better the wine, but this is a myth. It’s not uncommon to find a fantastic bottle of Pinot Noir at a mid-range price. Remember, the enjoyment of wine is subjective. A less expensive bottle could easily taste better to you than a pricier version so don’t be afraid to experiment.

In summary, choosing the perfect bottle of Pinot Noir involves understanding your palate, knowledge of the regions, considering the vintage and winemaking techniques, and finally, disregarding the myth that price always dictates quality. With these points in mind, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying that perfect glass of Pinot Noir that you’ve been looking for.

Get a Pinot Noir on VinoVoss and Let’s celebrate the National Pinot Noir Day on the 18th of August 2023 together!

by Krystal Wen

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