VinoVoss aims to take wine searching to the next level. We look beyond what’s on the label and focus on what’s in the bottle. Find wines you like and discover the wine world without needing to know about grapes, producers, or regions. Exploring based on your taste preferences is easy!

To prove our worth, we have created this series, analyzing the results of search queries made by our users.

This time, we are looking into the results for “easy drinking white wine”. Let’s explore why the 20 results * of the VinoVoss page are the perfect answer!

What are “Easy Drinking” wines?

Before analyzing each wine, let’s think about what we expect from “easy-drinking white wines”.

We would be looking for wines without edges, so nothing too sweet, or too high in alcohol. Wines with higher acidity are preferred since that increases drinkability. Additionally, we would avoid wines that are too full-bodied or overly oaky, as they can start to feel heavy after the initial few sips.

We would also want our easy-drinking wines to be affordable, so we could drink more without breaking the bank! Plus, we would like to have a nice diversity of varieties and regions to choose from.

Let’s see if VinoVoss delivered!

The results


This Riesling is a great fit. It has high - but not extreme acidity and just a hint of sugar, which enhances drinkability. It has a medium body and alcohol and its aromas are just the perfect intensity!


Gavi is made from the Cortese grape, known for its high drinkability. The low aromatic intensity, medium body, and alcohol are attractive qualities for an easy-drinking wine. The wine has to balance vibrant acidity, making it refreshing in every sip!


Nothing is better than a thirst-quenching New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Its aromatic nose makes you want to take another taste, and nothing can stop you! Vibrant acidity, light body, and moderate alcohol just make this wine better with every sip!


Greeks love Moschofilero for its high drinkability, especially in the warmer months. With a light body, low alcohol, vibrant acidity, and attractive aromas it’s naturally an ideal pick for this list.


Nothing spells drinkability quite like a Pinot Grigio. This example from Slovenia promotes the adventurous side in you to explore, without leaving your comfort zone. This Pinot Grigio is light, low in alcohol, and has a refreshing acidity, making it an easy-drinking wine.


This white from the Basque Country in Spain is all the rave among wine enthusiasts. With a light body and alcohol, it relies on its light sweetness to balance the high acidity. Plus a light fizz makes it even more attractive! These characteristics make a recipe for success as an easy-drinking white!


Every restaurant in the UK offers Picpoul de Pinet by the glass for a reason. The wine from southern France has a tangy taste and a unique seashell flavor due to its acidity and minerality. Light body and medium alcohol support its high drinkability.

The outcome

What do you think? Did VinoVoss meet or exceed your expectations? We are truly amazed by the revolutionary search engine of VinoVoss and hope you are too!

We hope it will help you explore more wines from the wine styles you love, without needing to know more! VinoVoss helps you enjoy wine more by making it easier to choose. Every wine on the results page is perfect for you, reducing the stress of selecting the right one.

Cheers to that!

*Note, that the results you see may be different based on your region and the availability of the wines. To avoid repetition, we are analyzing the results that are unique representatives of their style.

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