Insights from Irem Eren's Talk at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2023

Irem Eren from BevZero talking about No - & Low (Credit: Lotte Gabrovits)

The 15th edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2023 in Amsterdam brought together industry experts and enthusiasts from around the globe. Among the notable speakers was Irem Eren, Business Development and Sales Director of BevZero, who delivered an insightful talk on the topic, "No- & Low: there is a market out there". In this article, we will delve into the key points discussed during the presentation and explore the opportunities presented in the booming market of no- and low-alcohol wines.

Setting the Stage

The talk began with a lighthearted atmosphere, with Irem Eren expressing gratitude for the audience's presence and playfully acknowledging technical glitches. As the audience settled in, Irem introduced the esteemed panelists who would contribute their expertise to the discussion: Laura Willoughby, Co-Founder of Club Soda, Sebastien Thomas, Co-founder of Moderato, Florian Ceschi, Global Wine and Grape Broker, Ciatti Europe and Gianmaria Zanella, Responsible R&D, Enologica Vason.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Irem Eren provided a snapshot of current market trends in the no- and low-alcohol sector. Highlighting a significant increase in consumer interest, she emphasized that the market is expected to double in value by 2026. Additionally, a 9% increase in non-low alcohol wine consumption is projected between 2022 and 2026.

From right to left: Sebastien Thomas, Laura Willoughby, Irem Eren, Gianmaria Zanella and Florian Ceschi (Credit: Lotte Gabrovits)

Addressing the Challenges

Acknowledging the challenges facing the wine industry, Irem Eren shared statistics indicating a 7% decrease in overall wine consumption from 2008 to 2023. However, she reframed this decline as an opportunity rather than a crisis, emphasizing that the rise of no- and low-alcohol beverages presents a chance for growth and adaptation.

Understanding the Non-Low Alcohol Consumer

The presentation then delved into the evolving profile of the non-low alcohol consumer. Irem Eren highlighted that these products, once seen as sacrifices due to health, religious, or situational reasons, are now a matter of choice for many consumers. Only 17% of consumers are abstainers, with a significant portion opting for moderation and occasion-based drinking.

Consumer Motivations

Exploring why consumers are gravitating towards no- and low-alcohol options, Irem Eren identified health-conscious choices, lower calorie and carb content, and occasion-based drinking as key motivators. The shift away from bottomless brunches to alternatives like Virgin Mary indicates changing preferences, especially among younger consumers.

Multicategory Entry

Lastly, Irem Eren touched on the trend of multi-category entry into the no- and low-alcohol space. Consumers are seeking dynamic experiences, leading to a willingness to switch between different beverage categories.

Irem Eren's talk at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2023 shed light on the burgeoning market of no- and low-alcohol wines. The insights provided by industry experts underscore the opportunities for growth and innovation in a sector that is reshaping traditional drinking habits. As consumers increasingly embrace moderation and diverse choices, the wine industry has the chance to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape.

So let’s toast to that with a glass of wine - or non-alcoholic wine - from The choice is up to you!

Lotte Gabrovits


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