Good recipes are those which are flexible and hold true when you substitute ingredients, allowing you to create multiple plates of utter deliciousness from one simple idea. The best recipes are also freezable allowing you to always have access to home cooked food even when you do not have the time. This classic soufflé is the best. It is simpler than you think, can be made with any fish, and freezes well. This particular version is adapted from the recipe of Eugénie Brazier, the matriarch of both Lyonnaise and modern French cooking.

(Credit to La Mère Brazier — Eugénie Brazier)

A salmon souffle recipe and wine pairing from VinoVoss 

(Photo by Sebastian Coman on Unsplash)

Ingredients — (Serves 15)

1 lbs (450g) Fresh Salmon (Filleted)

10 Eggs

2 tsp Ground Black Pepper

2 tsp Salt

18 fl oz (500ml) Heavy Cream

Oil (For Cooking)

15 Ramekins

Stand or Hand Mixer

Extra Butter (For the sauce)

Chopped parsley (For the sauce)

This recipe uses salmon but it can be made with any fish.

(Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography onUnsplash)


To Prepare

  1. Brush the inside of the ramekins with oil to make the soufflés easier to demould.
  2. Heat oven to 350 F — 375 F (180 C — 190 C).
  3. Cut the fish filet and the butter into small pieces.
  4. Place the fish into the mixer bowl.
  5. Set the mixer at a medium-slow speed and begin to mix the fish to turn it into a puree.
  6. Whilst continuing to mix the fish, slowly add the butter (a few cubes at a time), salt and pepper.
  7. Whilst continuing to mix the fish and butter, slowly add the whole eggs one at a time, followed by adding the heavy cream slowly.
  8. Stop mixing when everything is well combined into a smooth puree.
  9. Using a spoon or spatula, fill your oiled ramekins until they are ¾ full.
  10. Place your ramekins into a large oven tray.
  11. Fill the baking tray ⅓ full with warm but not boiling water, so the water surrounds the ramekins.
  12. Place the baking tray of ramekins into the oven.
  13. Cook for 30 minutes.

At this stage you can either finish the soufflés while they are fresh or freeze them for up to 3 months

To Serve

  1. Heat oven to 350 F — 375 F (180 C — 190 C).
  2. Melt a small knob of butter with a splash of salted water in a gratin dish.
  3. Demould the soufflé into the gratin dish.
  4. Place the gratin dish into the oven until the soufflé has doubled in size. Serve with a sauce of hot melted butter and chopped parsley.

Serve with a Macon Blanc, Hermitage Blanc or search VinoVoss for your own pairing.

(Photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash)

Food & Wine Pairing

Serve with a Macon or Hermitage Blanc or search VinoVoss for the best choice close to you.

Matthew Cocks

(Credit to La Mère Brazier — Eugénie Brazier)

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