Unveiling Royal Tastes

Greetings VinoVossers! Ever wondered what beverages grace the tables of the Royal Family? Let's take a closer look at their preferred choices of some of the best-known Royals.

King Charles’ Nightly Martini:

King Charles, known for his particular habits, indulges in a nightly martini before dinner. His preference? A classic blend of gin and dry vermouth in a 50-50 ratio. Did you know Charles carries his own spirits and glassware when traveling around the world? This ensures his martini is served just the way he likes it, no matter the location.

Queen Camilla's Vinous Passion:

Queen Camilla stands out as possibly the biggest wine enthusiast among the Royals. Influenced by her father, a former military man turned wine merchant, Camilla developed a taste for wine as a child, drinking it European-style, diluted with water, as part of her meals.

Kate's Post-Parenting Gin and Tonic:

The Princess of Wales, Kate, opts for a refreshing gin and tonic. If you share her preference for this iconic duo, you're in good company. It's said that Prince William, a Guinness enthusiast himself, brings Kate a gin and tonic in the evenings, once the little ones are tucked in.

For those looking to emulate the royal sipping experience this festive season, consider some of the options listed below.

Let VinoVoss show you how to drink just like the Royal Family might while celebrating Christmas at Sandringham Estate. (Photo by Alexis MacMillan on Unsplash)

Regal Libations for Your Holiday Table:

Sparkling Beginnings:

While English Sparkling wine graces state dinners, the Royal Family still turns to the classic choice of Champagne for festive occasions. The enduring favorite is Pol Roger, a champagne that even made an appearance at the wedding reception of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan.


Colonial Whites:

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has found its way into the royal cellar, enjoyed during garden parties and making its home in the refrigerators of various royal residences. Crisp and herbaceous, it serves as a delightful, light start to a meal and pairs well with classic festive season side dishes like sprouts or green bean casserole.


Classic Reds for Special Occasions:

No British wine cellar is complete without Bordeaux reds, and the Royal Family is no exception. Cru Classe wines, such as Deuxieme Cru Chateau Leoville Barton, are reserved for special events like Christmas, with mature examples offering a refined and evolved tannic structure that pairs beautifully with traditional turkey.


Sweet Memories and Riesling Nostalgia:

Christmas is a time for memories, and one can't help but remember the late Queen Elizabeth II. Known as a light drinker, she once surprised the family by requesting a second glass of medium-sweet Riesling during lunch, leading to a playful exchange with her mother, The Queen Mother, who questioned the wisdom of her enjoying a second glass when she was due to rule in the afternoon. The Pfalz estate of Reichsrat von Buhl has long been a royal favorite.


Good Tidings To All

However you choose to celebrate this Christmas, the VinoVoss family wishes you all joy of the season. May your glasses be filled with the finest, and your celebrations be filled with joy and warmth.

Matthew Cocks

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