Time to celebrate this undiscovered grape🍷

We are super excited this time to raise our glasses with nothing less than Carignan, a variety you might not have in your glasses too often, right? 

This time the celebration day falls on October 26th. Each year International Carignan Day, is observed on the last Thursday of October. This celebration dates back to the Carignan Renaissance, a French association devoted to both the grape variety and wine named Carignan.

Originating in Spain, Carignan is a red grape variety, as you surely know, frequently featured in French wines, offering a medley of flavors such as pepper, cherry, blackberry, banana, almond, and even hints of prune. So there is something to find for everyone.

Time to celebrate again (Photo: Kelsey Chance, unsplash.com)

Still, it seems to be a bit under the radar of many though according to Jancis Robinson it "was the single most common vine variety planted in … France until it was overtaken by Merlot at the end of the 20th century, [and] most wine drinkers have never heard of it."

We at VinoVoss are curious about the “Why”, as there are so many reasons to love this grape:

A true globe trotter

Carignan, this versatile grape, thrives in France, Spain, Italy, and the USA. In France's Languedoc-Roussillon, it shines in both single-varietal and blended wines, often paired with Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvedre. Known as Cariñena and Carinyena in Spain, it plays a significant role in Priorat's renowned blends and stands alone remarkably well.

Italy's Carignan thrives in Sardinia's Carignano del Sulcis DOC. Across the Atlantic, Mendocino winemakers excel in crafting Carignane wines.

Chile's Maule region and even Israel also boast fine Carignan offerings. Keep an eye out for this global grape, known as Carignane in the USA, as it continues to impress worldwide.

Carignan pairs splendidly with rich, protein-packed dishes (Photo: Camille Brodard, unsplash.com)

What’s to love about it?

Amidst the wealth of wine grape options, Carignan offers a delightful departure from the usual suspects. If you're familiar with affordable, food-friendly wines from Southern France or adore summertime rosés from the region, you've probably savored Carignan, often adding acidity, spice, and red fruit to blends dominated by Syrah, Grenache, or Mourvedre. It pairs splendidly with rich, protein-packed dishes, showcasing its balanced acidity and subtle spiciness. Carignan's productivity in vineyards keeps prices reasonable for both single varietals and blends, making it an accessible choice for wine enthusiasts seeking something different yet delightful.

To make things easier for you VinoVossers we have picked some of our favorites for you to try, but don’t be shy and feel free to browse around. Everybody will find a Carignan, that suits his/her very personal palate:


Lotte Gabrovits

De Martino Vigno (Vignadores de Carignan) Carignan

Lioco Sativa Carignan

Gérard Bertrand Grand Terroir La Clape Syrah - Carignan - Mourvedre

Château Musar Rosé

Punica Barrua

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