A wine cocktail is a mixed drink made predominantly with wine and combined with other ingredients, such as distilled alcohol, fruit juice, soda, or liqueur. Wine cocktails can have various flavors, styles, and names, depending on the type of wine and the other ingredients used.

While wine isn’t considered a classic cocktail ingredient, there are many famous cocktails that use it. Recently, the interest of bartenders to produce wine-based cocktails has spiked, as wine provides unique flavour and texture profiles to the mixed drinks. Some bartenders also use wine to produce lower-alcohol versions of classic cocktails.

Create simple wine-based cocktails with our infographic (Graph: Evmorfia Kostaki, oenogreek.wordpress.com)

This National Bartender’s day, let’s pay homage to bartenders everywhere, by mixing up some of the easiest (and fun) cocktails! Whether it’s the popular Aperol Spritz, a delicate Mimosa or a chilled Kalimoxto, don’t be afraid to enjoy wine as you please!


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