In our busy lives, we often miss important moments that call for us to stop and think. Easter, a Christian festival steeped in tradition, offers one such opportunity. Beyond the bunnies and colorful eggs lies a deeper meaning—a time to contemplate renewal, new life, and the essence of faith.

Easter has become synonymous with commercialism (Credit: Kenny Eliason,

Easter unfolds within the framework of Lent, a solemn period of reflection and sacrifice observed by Christians worldwide. Before Holy Week, people often fast or give up certain pleasures for 40 days. Almsgiving, too, takes center stage, with increased generosity towards those in need marking this spiritual journey.

Yet, in our modern world, Easter has become synonymous with commercialism. Supermarkets start selling chocolate eggs in January and greeting cards flood the market, similar to the excitement of Christmas. However, amidst the commercial clamor, the symbolism of Easter endures.

The humble egg, a timeless emblem of hope and new beginnings, holds a significant place in Easter tradition. Dating back thousands of years, eggs symbolize the arrival of spring, a season of renewal and rejuvenation. The Easter bunny, folklore suggests, emerged from this symbolism, embodying the spirit of fertility and new life.

Early Christians painted red eggshells to symbolize Jesus' blood and the empty tomb, just two centuries after His life. This tradition may have originated from older customs. It coincides with the Jewish Passover. It emphasizes the concepts of new life and resurrection during Easter.

In the early Christian church, eggs were among the foods abstained from during Lent, making their return to the table a cause for celebration. The happy celebration after Lent showed that food can feed both the body and soul, proving how faith can change lives.

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, let us embrace the essence of this sacred occasion. Easter is a time to be with family, enjoy spring, and think about new beginnings that Easter represents. Easter brings us together to celebrate faith and new beginnings, whether at church or with family.

Now, as we look forward to Easter celebrations, let us offer a few wine recommendations to complement your festivities:

Sparkling Wine

Toast to new beginnings with a crisp and refreshing sparkling wine. Look for a Prosecco or Cava to add effervescence to your Easter brunch or dinner.




Embrace the flavors of spring with a vibrant Chardonnay. Opt for a lightly oaked variety with notes of citrus and tropical fruits to pair beautifully with seasonal dishes.



Pinot Noir

For a versatile option that pairs well with a range of Easter fare, consider a Pinot Noir. Its bright acidity and red fruit flavors make it an ideal companion for roasted lamb or glazed ham.




Welcome the arrival of spring with a glass of refreshing rosé. Choose a dry, Provencal-style rosé with delicate floral notes and a crisp finish to elevate your Easter festivities.



As we raise our glasses in celebration, may this Easter be filled with joy, hope, and the promise of new beginnings.

Cheers to a season of renewal and blessings!

Lotte Gabrovits

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