Exploring Sparkling Wines, Pet Nats, and Beyond!

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome the vibrant blooms of spring, it's time to check out the upcoming wine trends for spring. Many different options exist, from classic sparkling wines to exciting discoveries of local grapes and unfamiliar wine areas. Come to VinoVoss and explore the latest wine trends. Find the perfect wine for your spring celebrations.

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1 - Traditional Sparkling Wine Besides Champagne

While Champagne continues to reign supreme, this spring, we're having a glance at traditional sparkling wines from lesser-known regions. From Italy's Franciacorta to Spain's Cava, these bubblies offer exceptional quality and value, making them perfect for any occasion.


2 - Pet Nat

Petillant Naturel, affectionately known as Pet Nat, is the darling of the natural wine movement. These unique and lively wines are made using old winemaking methods and bottled while still fermenting. With their rustic charm and playful bubbles, Pet Nats are a must-try for adventurous wine lovers.


3 - Indigenous Grapes

Spring 2024 is all about celebrating diversity in the vineyard. Indigenous grapes, with their unique flavors and aromas, are en vogue. Explore different types of wine like Assyrtiko from Greece and Tannat from Uruguay to learn about the diverse wine world.


4 - Unknown Wine Regions

Forget Bordeaux and Napa Valley—this spring, we're venturing off the beaten path to discover hidden wine gems. Explore Croatia's rugged coastlines and Bolivia's high-altitude vineyards for an adventurous taste of undiscovered wine regions.


5 - Natural Wine

The natural wine movement continues to gain momentum, with its emphasis on minimal intervention and organic farming practices. In Spring 2024, people want more pure and expressive wines that are made with care and respect for the environment.


6 - No-Alcohol Wine

Non-alcoholic wines offer the same taste and complexity as regular wines, but without the alcohol content. Perfect for springtime picnics and outdoor gatherings, these alcohol-free options offer a refreshing and guilt-free indulgence.

7 - Wine Cocktails

Why choose between wine and cocktails when you can have both? Wine cocktails are making a splash this spring, offering creative and refreshing twists on classic favorites. From New York Sour to Spagliato, these inventive libations are sure to impress your guests.

8 - Wine Tourism

As travel restrictions ease, wine tourism is back on the agenda. Wine tourism lets you enjoy wine and see beautiful places like Tuscany and the Finger Lakes.


In conclusion, Spring 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting time for wine enthusiasts. Explore the world of wine now, from traditional sparkling wines to adventurous Pet Nats and beyond. So raise a glass and toast to the joys of spring, with a delicious pour that reflects the season's vibrant spirit and endless possibilities.


Lotte Gabrovits

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