At VinoVoss we recognise the power of women, as they are the biggest part of our team! Every Woman is different. And every Woman is amazing in her own way. VinoVoss is here to help you discover the perfect wine for each one.

Use the innovative search engine to explore the endless possibilities the wine world has to offer, and spend this Woman’s day (Friday, 8th March), sipping a perfect wine!

Find here the first result for the top 5 queries on Woman’s Day. Please note that the results also depend on wine availability at your location, so they may be different from what you see when making the same search. 

1 - For the sweetest women

Query: affordable wine for the sweetest woman


This Moscato d’Asti is a perfect choice for an aperitif. It’s light and fresh, and has the most amazing integrated sweetness, just like you, or the amazing women in your life!

2 - For the women that are always looking for reasons to celebrate

Query: wine under 50$ for women who enjoy celebrating


Nothing says celebration more than a glass of bubbly! Champagne doesn’t have to break the bank, so you can enjoy every moment without guilt!

Enjoy every moment of your life! (Photo: Ellery Sterling,  Unsplash)

3 - For the adventurous women

Query: undiscovered dry wine


This wine from South Africa is great to pair with the adventurous side of women. Sipping this bold red will bring you a step closer to the safari you’ve always dreamed of going!

4 - For the glamorous women

Query: cult wine


There is nothing more glamorous than popping the cork of one of the best Champagnes of the world on Woman’s day! Must be paired with an expensive outfit!

5 - For the casual women

Query: casual wine for woman


Some women just want to keep things simple. Yet, even they deserve to celebrate! This Albarino from Spain is a perfect choice to enjoy a beautiful March afternoon with the company of the amazing women of your life!

Even if you’re not a woman yourself, you’re always surrounded by them. They can be your mothers, spouses, best friends, lovers and your colleagues. Take this moment to appreciate their significance in your life.

Cheers from the VinoVoss team!

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