Your Guide to Pizza’s Best Wine Companions


Pizza, a universally loved comfort food, and wine, the perfect companion to any meal, make a delightful duo. But not all wines complement every pizza topping. Selecting the right wine can dramatically enhance your pizza experience. In this article, we will highlight three key factors to consider when choosing the perfect wine for your pizza.

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Factor 1: Consider the Dominant Pizza Topping

The dominant pizza topping is key when selecting your wine. For instance, a meat-heavy pizza like pepperoni or sausage pairs best with red wines that can stand up to the strong flavors. Try a robust Zinfandel or a spicy Syrah. On the other hand, a pizza topped with veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions would go best with a white wine. A Sauvignon Blanc with its herbaceous notes would be a good match.

Factor 2: Take into Account the Sauce

The sauce is another major factor in the pizza and wine pairing game. A classic tomato-based pizza sauce pairs well with medium-bodied red wines like a Sangiovese or a Montepulciano. If you’re enjoying a white pizza with a creamy sauce, consider a Chardonnay with its buttery undertones. For a pizza with a barbecue sauce, a bold, fruity Malbec is a great option.

Factor 3: Don’t Forget the Cheese

Cheese is a crucial component of pizza and plays a significant role in pairing. A pizza loaded with rich, strong-flavored cheeses like blue cheese or gorgonzola, demands a bold red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon. A pizza with milder cheese like mozzarella pairs well with lighter wines. A Pinot Noir or a dry Rosé could be your best bet.

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Next time you're planning a pizza night, remember these key factors for an elevated dining experience. Whether it’s a meat lover's pizza with a bold Zinfandel, a veggie pizza with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, or a barbecue pizza with a fruity Malbec, the perfect wine pairing can turn your pizza night into a gourmet delight. Explore the extensive selection of wines at and find the perfect one to match your favorite pizza.

Cheers from the VinoVoss team!

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