Zengő The Zengő grape is a Hungarian Ezerjó x Bouvier cross produced by Ferenc Király in 1951 in Pécs. It is white grape variety that is renowned for its ability to produce full bodied, high-quality wines.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Zengő grapes are medium-sized, yellow-green in colour and have a juicy, crisp flesh with a characteristic aroma of yellow apples. Its taste profile is light and delicate with pleasant mineral notes, quince and pepper flavours, a hint of citrus and a slight floral aroma.

Fresh Zengö grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

The Zengő grape is grown in the Tokaj region of Hungary, primarily in the northern part of the region. It is also grown in other parts of Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Zengő is a moderately winter hardy variety, susceptible to botrytis bunch rot, and is typically grown in vineyards located on steep slopes. It is a early budding, mid-ripening variety, allowing the grapes to develop their unique aromas and flavours. Zengő grapes are typically used to produce dry white wines, though some producers also make sweet wines. The Zengő grape is used to produce wines in the Tokaj region of Hungary. These wines are typically dry, light-bodied and aromatic with a pleasant mineral character. They can also be complex and full-bodied with notes of citrus and floral aromas. Zengő wines are best paired with light dishes such as salads, white fish and seafood. They can also be enjoyed with spicy dishes and dishes with a creamy sauce.

Foods to pair with Zengö:

Fun Fact about Zengö
Zengő is a sibling of Zenit and Zeusz.

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