Vuillermin is an obscure variety of the Valle d’Aosta

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Vuillermin has a deep ruby colour with violet reflections. The grape is mainly used as a part of a blend, to add colour and acidity.

Fresh Vuillermin grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Vuillermin was almost extinct at the end of the twentieth century and is now only grown in three vineyards in Chambave (Mario Bosc), in Aosta (Institut Agricole Régional) and in Saare (Michel Vallet at Feudo di San Maurizio). Vuillermin is a late ripening variety and is rarely made as a varietal wine although Vallet produces one example in the Valle d’Aosta DOC. Vuillermin wines are characterised by their intense, fruity aromas and a well-balanced structure. They have a high alcohol content and a good acidity. They are usually medium-bodied and can be enjoyed either young or after some bottle ageing. Vuillermin wines are best enjoyed with dishes that have a lot of flavour, such as game and mushrooms.

Foods to pair with Vuillermin:

Fun Fact about Vuillermin
Vuillermin is a nephew/niece of Petit Rouge.

Top Wines with Vuillermin

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