Siegerrebe is a white grape variety, grown mainly in Germany and Austria. It has a fruity aroma and pleasant acidity. This variety is often used for the production of sweet wines.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Siegerrebe grapes are very pale red in colour. The aroma of Siegerrebe wines is typically floral and fruity, with notes of mango, honey, peach, apricot, and grapefruit. The taste is crisp and zesty, with a hint of sweetness.

Fresh Siegerrebe grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Siegerrebe is mostly found in Germany, with small plantings in Austria and the United Kingdom. It is also grown in limited quantities in the United States, Kanada and Switzerland. Siegerrebe is a early-ripening variety. Its wines are usually fermented with commercial yeasts, and are aged in stainless steel tanks to promote the fruity character. In Germany, Siegerrebe is often used to make off-dry or sweet wines. In Austria, the variety is used to make light, crisp wines with notes of citrus and stone fruit. In the United Kingdom, it is used to make sparkling wines. Siegerrebe is best served with lighter dishes such as seafood, salads, and white meats. It also pairs well with desserts, such as cakes and tarts.

Foods to pair with Siegerrebe:

Light meat
Fun Fact about Siegerrebe
Siegerrebe was created in 1929 by Georg Scheu, a German viticulturist. The variety is a cross between Madeleine Angevine x Roter Traminer.

Top Wines with Siegerrebe

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