Rondo is a disease-resistent hybrid red grape used to make red and rosé wines. It was born in former Czechoslovakia and then developped by Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute in Germany.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Rondo is a dark-skinned variety that produces medium-bodied wines with a deep-purple colour. Its intense aromas of blackberry and elderberry are complemented by subtle notes of pepper and spice. The palate is fresh and vibrant, with bright acidity and a smooth, velvety texture.

Fresh Rondo grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Rondo is mainly grown in Central Europe, including Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. It is also found in the UK, where it is slowly gaining popularity. Rondo is a hardy variety that is resistant to disease and frost. It ripens late so it needs a long growing season in order to reach its full potential. Rondo wines are usually made in a fruity and easy-drinking style, although more complex versions can be produced with careful winemaking. In Germany, Rondo wines are usually light and fruity, with aromas of red fruit and a hint of spice. In the Czech Republic, the variety is used to make a unique sparkling wine known as Burčák. In the UK, winemakers are experimenting with oak aging to produce fuller-bodied wines with more complexity. Rondo wines pair well with grilled red meats, stews and roasted vegetables. They are also a great match for hard cheeses and tomato-based dishes.

Foods to pair with Rondo:

Deep fried
Light meat
Fun Fact about Rondo
Rondo is a crossing of St Laurent and a rare Russian variety named Zarya Severa.

Top Wines with Rondo

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