Plechistik is an old russian red variety that is often used in in sweet red sparkling wine. The variety needs to be grown next to another variety in order to achieve pollination and is therefore on the decline.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Plechistik is a red wine grape variety, originating in Russia from the Rostov wine region. It has medium-high acidity and a moderate sugar content, producing wines that are fresh and aromatic. The velvety red wines show aromas of plums and sour cherries.

Fresh Plechistik grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Plechistik is grown primarily in Russia, especially in the Rostov wine region. Plechistik is a vigorous, mid-ripening variety, which is sensitive to drought and winter frost. It is susceptible to fungal diseases, especially downy mildew. The variety has to be planted next to other another variety in order to achieve pollination. It prefers well-drained, sandy soils with good exposure to sunlight. Plechistik is never produced as a monovarietal wine but mostly used in blends together with other grapes. As a blending partner it contributes flavours of prunes and sweet and sour cherries to the aassemblage. Sparkling wines made from Plechistik are an excellent pairing for light seafood dishes, such as grilled fish and shellfish. It also pairs well with dishes featuring herbs, such as pesto.

Foods to pair with Plechistik:

Asian food
Light meat
Fun Fact about Plechistik
Although Russia is realtively unknown for their wine production, in 2014 Russia was ranked 11th worldwide by the area of vineyards under cultivation.

Top Wines with Plechistik

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