Muscat Ottonel

Muscat Ottonel is a white grape variety primarily grown in Central and Eastern Europe. It is known for its strong aromas and medium-bodied wines with a distinctively sweet taste.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Muscat Ottonel is a white grape variety with thick skin and of yellow colour. It is known for its powerful aromas of apricot, peach and rose, with a floral, slightly spicy bouquet. On the palate, these wines are medium-bodied with an off-dry finish and a distinctively sweet taste with notes of honey and ripe fruit.

Fresh Muscat Ottonel grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

The variety is mostly known for its use in dessert wines from Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Croatia and Serbia as well as dry wines from Alsace and Hungary. Furthermore, Muscat Ottonel is cultivated in the USA, Canada and South Africa. Muscat Ottonel is an early-ripening, low vigour variety which prefers cooler climates with plenty of sunshine. The wines are usually made in a sweet or off-dry style with the best known examples coming from the Alsace region in the eastern part of France. In the eastern part of Europe, Muscat Ottonel is often made into a dry or off-dry white wine with a light body and floral aromas. In Alsace, it is used to make sweet dessert wines, which are made from late-harvested or botrytized grapes. Muscat Ottonel pairs well with light seafood dishes such as grilled fish, as well as with creamy pasta dishes and cheese platters. The sweeter styles pair well with desserts such as crème brûlée and fruit tarts.

Foods to pair with Muscat Ottonel:

Asian food
Light meat
Fun Fact about Muscat Ottonel
Muscat Ottonel is the palest of all the Muscats, in terms of colour as well as aroma. However, it ripens earlier than the more aromatic Muscat blanc and Muscat of Alexandria and therefore better suitbale for cooler growing regions.

Top Wines with Muscat Ottonel

Bottle of Hollenburger Kalkspitz from search results

Hollenburger Kalkspitz Natural


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Hollenburger Kalkspitz is a highly sought-after Pet-Nat. Hailing from the renowned Hollenburger vineyard in a prestigious appellation, this wine is crafted with meticulous care. The vineyard's unique limestone-rich soil imparts distinct mineral notes to the wine, adding complexity and depth. The winemaking process involves the finish of fermentaiton in bottle, resulting in a refreshing sparkling wine. With its elegant style, Hollenburger Kalkspitz offers a harmonious blend of fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and a lingering finish, making it a standout choice for wine enthusiasts.
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Kracher Cuvée Spätlese


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