Fragolino: The Perfectly Sweet Italian Variety Fragolino is a red grape variety that is native to northern Italy. It is renowned for its sweet and fruity wines which are often enjoyed as aperitifs or dessert wines. It has a distinctive colour, fruity aromas and flavour profile that make it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a light and sweet wine.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Fragolino has a distinctively light shade of pink. The flesh of the grape is yellowish-pink, with a thin skin that has a deep pink hue. The aromas of Fragolino are dominated by red berries, with notes of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry. On the palate, it is sweet and fruity, with a light body and low acidity.

Fresh Fragolino grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Fragolino is primarily grown in the northern Italian regions of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto. It is also cultivated in small quantities in the Italian region of Piemonte. Fragolino is a low-yielding variety, meaning that it produces a small amount of grapes per vine. The grapes are usually harvested in late August or early September, and are then macerated on the skins before fermentation. The resulting wines are usually light in body, with low tannins and moderate alcohol levels. Sometimes CO2 is added for the refreshing spritz. In Emilia Romagna, Fragolino is often made as a semi-sparkling or sparkling wine. In Lombardy, it is usually made as a still wine and can be either sweet or dry Fragolino is the perfect accompaniment to light desserts such as fruit tarts or sorbets. Its sweetness and low tannins also make it an ideal pairing for dishes that are spicy or have a salty flavour.

Foods to pair with Fragolino:

Asian food
Fun Fact about Fragolino
Fragolino is sometimes referred to as ‘the strawberry of wines’ due to its intense fruity aromas and flavours.

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