Arinarnoa is a black French crossng that is prized for its tannic structure and intense aromas.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Arinarnoa grapes have a dark blue-black colour, with small but thick skins and large, loose clusters. It has a powerful and complex aroma, with notes of cherry, blueberry and blackberry, as well as hints of spices and herbs. The taste is full-bodied and intense, with high tannins and an intense, lingering finish.

Fresh Arinarnoa grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Arinarnoa is a cross between Merlot and Petit Verdot. It is mainly grown in south of France and the north of Spain. Arinarnoa is a late ripening variety that is resistant to botrytis. Arinarnoa wines pair well with grilled meats, stews and game. They also pair well with hard cheeses, such as Manchego, and mushrooms.

Foods to pair with Arinarnoa:

Fun Fact about Arinarnoa
The name Arinarnoa comes from the Basque words "arina" (raisin) and "arnoa" (wine).

Top Wines with Arinarnoa

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Albet i Noya Les Timbes Penedès

Albet i Noya

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An oddball, an experiment, a dare. Caladoc, Marselan, and Arinarnoa are three largely unknown varieties, conceived in the search for the perfect grape. Together they produce this rounded, well-balanced, and profoundly spicey wine. These French varieties have found niches in the Ordal mountains where they express their very best potential.
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cheese platter
grilled meats
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