Craft the perfect gift for International Teacher’s Day!

Wine bottles can be upcycled for every occasion. (Credit: olegganko/

International Teacher's Day is celebrated on October 5th every year to honor teachers who have made a significant difference in our lives and education. Teachers are not just educators; they are also mentors, guides, and friends. They deserve our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for their unwavering commitment and dedication. One wonderful way to show love and respect for your children’s teachers is to collaborate on creating a special, handmade, creative, and eco-friendly gift for them.

Here are some ideas on how to upcycle old wine bottles into kid-friendly DIY projects!

  1. Painted Wine Bottle Vases

One of the easiest and most popular ways to upcycle old wine bottles is to turn them into vases for flowers or plants. You can paint the bottles with different colors, patterns, or designs, or leave them clear for a minimalist look.

You can also add some embellishments, such as ribbons, stickers, or beads, to make them more personalized. You can use any type of flowers or plants that suit your teacher's taste and style, such as roses, sunflowers, succulents, or herbs.

Painted wine bottles look great as vases. (Photo: Namukolo Siyumbwa,

  1. Wine Bottle Lamps

If you want to create a bright and cozy gift for your teacher, you can upcycle old wine bottles into lamps that can illuminate their rooms. You can use a drill to make holes on the bottom or the side of the bottle, and then insert a light bulb socket and a cord through them. You can also use a lamp kit or a pendant light kit to make it lighter. Battery-powered string lights also look amazing!

String lights can turn any wine bottle into a cute Teacher’s Day gift! (Photo: Anubhav Arora,

  1.  Wine Bottle Pencil Holders

Another way to upcycle old wine bottles is to turn them into pencil holders for your teacher's stationery. You can use a glass cutter or a bottle cutter to cut off the top portion of the bottle, and then sand the edges to smoothen them. You can decorate the bottle together with your child with paint, glitter, stickers, or anything else you like. You can also fill the bottle with pencils, pens, markers, scissors, or any other tools that your teacher uses.

  1. Wine Bottle Candles with Custom Labels

Candles provide a perfect way to repurpose wine bottles. Begin by removing the neck of the bottle using a glass cutter. Once done, sand the edges to smooth them out. Melt wax and pour it into the base of the wine bottle. For an added touch, choose scented candles with aromas reminiscent of wine notes, such as red berries, vanilla, or biscuit. You can also design a custom label with your child to show appreciation to their teacher!

Old wine bottles can be upcycled into beautiful candles. (Photo:

Jeffrey Wegrzyn,

What are you waiting for? Grab the old bottles you have lying around and start crafting your gift for International Teacher’s Day! There are many more possibilities that you can explore and experiment with. Upcycling old wine bottles is not only fun and rewarding, but also eco-friendly. So don't throw away your old wine bottles; instead, give them a new life and purpose!

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Cheers from the VinoVoss team!

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