Trepat is a Spanish red grape variety that has been grown in the Catalonia region mainly for the production of the traditional sparkling wines, "Cava".

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Trepat has a purple red colour and produces wines with aromas of juicy red and black fruits, as well as spices, herbs, and earthy notes. On the palate, the wines have a medium to high acidity and a light to medium body, with flavours of crisp red and black fruits, spices, and herbs.

Fresh Trepat grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Trepat is grown mainly in the Catalonia region of Spain. It is used to make mostly sparkling wines but also rosé wines and red wines. Trepat is a productive and adaptable grape variety that ripens late. It is known to have large and compact bunches, with thick-skinned berries. The variety is often blended with other varieties, such as Garnacha, Pinot Noir and Monastrell. In Catalonia, Trepat is used to produce mostly Cava, a sparkling wine made in the traditional method. Some producers also make fresh and fruity red wines or simple, easy drinking rose wines. Trepat wines pair well with a wide range of dishes.The lighter styles are best served with lighter dishes or sparkling wines are simply often served as an aperitif.

Foods to pair with Trepat:

Deep fried
Light meat
Fun Fact about Trepat
Wines made from 100% Trepat are known to have a slightly bitter-orange aftertaste.

Top Wines with Trepat

Bottle of De Pró Cava Brut from search results

De Pró Cava Brut

De Pró

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De Pró Cava Brut is a delightful sparkling wine that showcases the expertise of its producer. Crafted in the renowned appellation of Cava, this wine is made from carefully selected grapes grown in exceptional vineyards. The vineyard features contribute to the wine's exceptional quality, with ideal soil composition and favorable climate conditions. The winemaking process involves traditional methods, including a secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in fine bubbles and a persistent mousse. De Pró Cava Brut is known for its elegant and refreshing style, with vibrant acidity and a harmonious balance of fruit flavors. It is a perfect choice for celebratory occasions or simply to enjoy as an aperitif.
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