Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a rare white grape variety Emilia-Romagna, Italy and is used to produce Vin Santo wine.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Santa Maria is a white grape variety. It is mainly used to be blended with Bervedino (Vernaccia di San Gimignano), Marsanne,Trebbiano Romagnolo and Melara to produce a traditional sweet wine call Vin Santo.

Fresh Santa Maria grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Santa Maria is cultivated exclusively in the hills of the province of Piacenza, in particular in the Val d’Adra, west of Parma. Santa Maria is Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna. Vin Santo di Vigoleno is a sweet wine, and pairs well with desserts, pastries and cheeses.

Foods to pair with Santa Maria:

Asian food
Fun Fact about Santa Maria
Santa Maria may be a Vernaccia di Oristano × Pensicato natural cross, the latter being an obscure black-berried variety of unknown origin.

Top Wines with Santa Maria

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