Juhfark: A Rare Hungarian Grape Variety Grape Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile: Juhfark is a white grape variety native to Hungary. Its thick skin means it ripens late in the season, typically in October, giving it an intense golden yellow colour. Its aromas are often described as herbaceous, saline and flowery, with a bouquet of honey, nuts and dried fruits. The taste profile is complex with a high crisp acidity, and hints of apples, lime and herbs. Where is it Grown: Juhfark is limited to the south-western corner of Hungary, where it is mostly planted in the Somlo Wine Region. Viticulture and Winemaking: Juhfark grapes are difficult to cultivate and require careful attention in the vineyard. The vines need to be tied to a pole, requiring hand harvest. Afterwards, the grapes are usually made into dry white wines, with some occasional sweet and sparkling styles. Regional Styles: The wines produced from Juhfark are typically full-bodied, with a good balance of acidity and intensity. They are usually dry and crisp, with a long finish. Juhfark wines from Somlo are often characterized by a saline mineral character. Food Pairing: Due to its complex flavour profile, Juhfark pairs well with a variety of dishes. It is especially good with fish, poultry, and light cheeses. Its acidity also helps to balance out creamier dishes and adds a brightness to richer flavours. Fun Fact: Juhfark translates to "sheep's tail" in Hungarian, referring to the shape of the grape clusters

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