Irsai Oliver

Irsai Oliver is a white grape variety that is grown mainly in Hungary and is known for its aromatic and refreshing wines. It is a cross between Pozsonyi Fehér and Csaba Gyongye, two other Hungarian varieties.

Colour, Aromas and Taste Profile

Irsai Oliver has a light yellow colour with green hues. It has a aroma of exotic fruits, with flowery and herbal notes, and a slight hint of honey. The taste is fresh and fruity, with a medium acidity and a medium to short finish.

Fresh Irsai Oliver grapes on the vine

Regional Features & Food Pairings

Irsai Oliver is mostly grown in the Hungarian regions of Tolna and Somogy, where it is used to produce fresh and easy-drinking white wines. It is also grown in other countries such as Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Irsai Oliver is an early ripening variety and therefore often harvested in the first week of August. The wines are typically light-bodied and have a soff acidity. They are usually unoaked and have a relatively low alcohol content. The most popular style of Irsai Oliver is a dry and fruity white, which is often blended with other white varieties or bottled as a monovarietal wine. It can also be made into a sparkling wine. Irsai Oliver goes well with light dishes such as salads and fish or simpley as an aperitif.

Foods to pair with Irsai Oliver:

Asian food
Deep fried
Light meat
Fun Fact about Irsai Oliver
Irsai Oliver is an aromatic grape variety and therefore often enjoyed by wasps and birds.

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